Simple Wild Woman

”  I believe we can enjoy the benefits of advanced technology, as we’re doing now, but at the same time, if we choose, have access to a richer and wilder life of adventure when we want to because there would be wonderful, rewilded habitats”

extract from George Monbiot’s book Feral and Tedtalk into the Rewilding of Human life.

The older the get, the younger i get. I am 28 years old and connecting to the tastes i had as a child.

The girl who hung upside down, headstands and rolly pollys down 6 inch wide stairs. The one who hesistantly wore jewellery and preferred to wear baggy punky fish jeans and would ask oddities as questions.

I watched the usual suspect films to instigate a passion for travelling and conciencousness, Into the Wild, Vegucated, Eat, love, Pray.

I met Dan Edward’s from Parkour Generations and found my movement enquiries and spirit in parkour training.

24 plus years of insufferable physical and mental pain of eczema and IBS was  after following Dr Doug Graham’s 80/10/10 principle to  raw veganism.

I began a journey of self healing and a deeper connection with myself, relationships and the natural world.

Signs appeared calling for a new adventure and lifestyle. I researched further.

A few months ago, i found the book Becoming Wild and fell in love with the idea that one female, Nikki van Schyndel could enter into a wild voyage by herself in a modern world. Then i found Feral by George Monbiot whose new term called Re-Wilding started to connect the dots for me on more wholesome connection with nature.

Signs kept coming, aiding my personal research.

 The last three signs which cemented my decision to leave London life in January 2016. were:

First, the book Walking into the Amazon which proposed to me why i would want to choose a different mode of living if i chose a complete immersion into amazonian living.


 Second, participating in  ‘Chimpanzee: A Movement Workshop’ by talented dance artist, Thomas Goodwin

The final, was the wildlife photograph ‘Reflection in Black’ presented at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015-2016 at the Natural History Museum. An intimate portrait of a male Celebe black macaque. I cant say find the exact reasons why, but it spoke intimately with my heart and the calling ive wanted to fulfil. For this, I Thank you Mr. Petr Bambousek!

presented at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015-2016 at the Natural History Museum

Now, i am living and travelling across South America, leading my own quest to find my inner wild woman and connecting with nature while enabling a lifestyle of athletic and artistic pursuits.

Wish me Good Luck, Join in and Connect with me!